who are you?

who are we, beneath this skin?
shadows of a self unseen
untouched by time
unbound by space
a longing for return to bliss
and childlike sight
days spent in soul’s kiss
and wondrous delight.

Meša pencil sketches

One of the main causes for our suffering is false identification; identification with something we call a ‘me’. That is what we call ego.

The question of “who am I” is, undoubtedly, the most important question we can ask ourselves.

“Ego” has no reality whatsoever. If we look deep enough, we find all identification we make with something called “me” is either opinions of others, superficial roles we play in society, memories that have no consistency to them, our own likes, dislikes that change all the time, past events that are non-existent, or feelings that could be anything at all.

“Me” is a mental concept, completely empty. There is nothing “hard” there to hang on to. When we realize this, we cannot get triggered, offended or hurt. What is there to offend, if nothing is there?

What do you most identify with? Take a moment and think about it. A good hint is what is it that triggers or offends you most? If you were not that anymore, would you still exist? Would anything remain?

Today, I challenge you to imagine there is no “me”. Think “There is no one here”.
Be like a strainer where water flows right through, and see what happens? The universe starts flowing through, because a great mental blockage is removed. 


roots of our thoughts

to find the roots of our thoughts
is to find the source of our world
and regain the power
to manifest and transform.

Reality: fixed or malleable?

Nothing in this world is fixed. We see the world as hard forms, but even science has discovered that at the smallest level, everything vibrates. The brain itself is not a ‘fixed’ organ. By neuroplasticity, we can rewire our brain nerves to act differently than the usual way.
A man whose arm was cup off, can teach his brain to feel in his artificial arm.

With his Special Theory of Relativity (1905) Einstein banished from the universe every fixed reality expect that of light.

Through perfect meditation, one can merge his consciousness with cosmic essence as light, and becomes free from the three dimensions of space, and time.

The world is a flexible, changeable reality, our exterior reflection of our own state of consciousness.


the stories are the same

from time immemorial
we play again and again
the stories of creation
in infinite variation.
wearing new garments
we still remain dormant.

the stories are the same
only appearances change.

Everything occurs in cyclical motions. Often, we have the feeling “I’ve been here before”, because we move forward in a spiral fashion, revisiting similar circumstances, but encompassing deeper truths. 🌷


beyond words

I lay my head on a pillow of silence
and swim the ocean of knowingness.

Flaming June, Frederick Lord Leighton

A wise friend of mine once said: “The purpose is to find an existence beyond words”. 

Words belong to mind. And mind can only take us so far. We all know, the deepest truths are felt, not understood by the intellect.

Beyond mind, starts the land of transcendence, and we need silence to guide us. 

If we cling endlessly to labels, comparisons, words… how deep do we really live? How could existence possibly be put into words?


‘spiritual slut’

Hinduism gave me mysticism,
Yoga gave me the eternal OM,
Buddhism gave me detachment and illusion of ego,
Tao gave me the Middle Way,
Zen taught me to let go and flow…
Christianity gave me charity,
Islam gave me humility and humbleness,
Sufism gave poetry of the heart,
Kabbalah gave me “As Above, so Below”,
Truth is found in all the world’s traditions.


I call myself something of a ‘spiritual slut’. I go to bed with all traditions but am loyal to none.

After dabbling in many different spiritual traditions, I realized they all have something good to offer. So, I take what resonates and leave behind what doesn’t. It never hurt anybody.😄


human ‘tour de force’

we don’t truly belong
we only color the world
on a canvass of emptiness
with the music of our laughter,
the pain of our tears,
aspirations and high hopes.
a dance of passing shadows yet
our human ‘tour de force’.

pic by agnes cecille

Such is the paradox of life: we are the creators, and at the same time, we are merely passing by. This helps us understand why the world sometimes does not feel like our original home. We are gatherers of experiences, and after we learn our lessons, we move on…


wake up!

there is no one outside
to blame or to fight
the world is within you
each person, each event
a facet of your self
that yet remains to be embraced.
go deeper than the surface
recognize the voice that whispers
“Wake up! Wake up!”

“Spirituality” begins when we realize our thoughts manifest.

The boundaries between ‘outside’ / ‘inside’ start to melt.

We are not just moving bodies, we are the manifesting reality.

No god is needed. No belief is needed. 
Only awareness is needed.


soft and flexible

the willow bends with the wind
I yield to life’s sway 
and never break.

“Man, when living, is soft and tender; when dead, he is hard and tough. All animals and plants when living are tender and delicate; when dead they become withered and dry.

Therefore it is said: the hard and tough are parts of death; the soft and tender are parts of life.”~Lao Tzu

“The mind of an enlightened human being is flexible and adaptable. 
The mind of the ignorant person is conditioned and fixed.”~Ajahn Sumedho

Don’t be hard, like death. Stay soft, and flexible in mind and spirit🥀


alchemists at life

forged in earth, water and fire
the elements of our attire,
we pierce unceasingly inside,
unfooled by matter or demise,
alchemists of life,
to uncover the golden core
and transmute our ignoble nature
into auric abode.

Life is a consciousness expanding experience. It’s not survival, paying bills and satisfying our base senses.

It is a blossoming into what we are meant to become: divinity itself. It is realizing our existence beyond our physical body and thoughts, and nurturing the sacred, innate connection that we have with the whole universe.

We are continually transforming our nature into something finer. We need to dig down through layers of untruths to find the golden core—our purest being.

Life is bringing spirit into matter. We are all Alchemists of Life. 🌷


creator and created

I am the cosmic play
Creator and created
Dancer and its dance, 
Shiva and his Shakti
caught in frenzied Lila
the land as my bride
grounding me
my lover, the sky,
embracing me
my many faces, entertain
and maintain a swirling trance.

According to Hindu philosophy, the entire universe is created on two fundamental forces: consciousness (Shiva) and Shakti (energy). Shiva is the formless, Shakti is the formed, Shiva is changelessness, Shakti is change.

Consciousness and energy, forever intertwined in the dance that makes our world appear and eternal life exist.

As human beings, we have the capacity to expand our individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness, and realize that we are both the creators of life, and the creation itself.