flow, river soul

flow, river soul, flow back home
and carry nothing with you
let it all go.

We often think that something needs to be done, to be achieved, or polished in order for us to be ‘complete’ and fully at peace. But in reality, we need to undo and deconstruct all the false beliefs we have carried with us. Our society is not supportive of an enlightened life. It reinforces false beliefs and limiting ideas before we are even able to think: ideas about who we are and our relationship with the world, what happiness is, what life is. When these ideas start contradicting our own feelings and discoveries, it sparks the search for truth.

You have always been truth itself. It only needs to be revealed under the layers of falsity.


the Om

vibration of creation
still echoes in the caves of my soul
who can translate your secret song
and fathom the mystery of Om?

Everybody has some knowledge of the Aum, but few people know exactly what it all means. This primordial sound, Aum, encompasses all the states of consciousness that man can experience: the letter ‘A’ (large, bottom curve) represents our waking state, the letter ‘U’ (right-side curve) represents the dream state (sleep with dreams) and the letter ‘M’ (smaller, upper curve) represents the unconscious state or deep sleep state.

The fourth state is a transcendental state (Turiya) achieved by liberation from all illusions of life and death (Maya) and is represented by the one dot separated by the comma. Turiya is the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness. It is pure consciousness, or god, if you can digest it that label. The awakened being is established in this pure consciousness and will remain fully aware of himself during all the the other three states, even deep sleep. That is the meaning of being fully aware of one’s true nature.

This is a most simplistic description of the meaning of the Aum. In the largest sense, it is that which is “mysterious and inexhaustible”, or “the infinite language, the infinite knowledge”, or “essence of breath, life, everything that exists”, or that “with which one is liberated”.

The Aum is by no means a human creation. It is first mentioned in the Upanishads but it is said to have been given, though meditation, to the seven ancient rishis (seers).

Most commonly, the Aum is used as a mantra (a repeated sound) as its vibration is calming for the mind and healing for the body. Chanting the Aum is aligning ourselves with the most essential and powerful vibration in the universe.


children’s vision

give me back my children’s vision
to see the world anew –
colored pebbles, playful butterflies!
timeless age that this soul knew.

Childhood captures a rare dimension that is a doorway into eternity. Children don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow, they live in a continuous moment where everything is always fresh. As we become adults, worries, regrets and too much mind analysis obscure that child-like spontaneity, and we soon forget what joyful living is all about. May the exuberance of childhood always stay with you!


anchor in eternity

going in, going out
this breath now holds our only truth
a bridge between two worlds
separated by illusion
an outer and an inner world
arising from within. 
my breath, my life commander 
the cord that bonds mind to matter
my anchor in eternity.

As long as we are alive, the breath is always there. While everything else might change, including our body, thoughts, vision, desires, the breath remains the same. That is why many meditation techniques use the breath as a grounding method for the practice. “Just follow your breath” is the mantra. As our thoughts, so our breath. When we are excited, it goes faster. As we relax, as we go deeper into consciousness, the breath becomes more and more subtle. Breath is an unmistakable anchor into the present moment, into reality.


my heaven, my hell

heavy stones pave my way to hell,
stones of hate, anger and deception
stones of separation.
heaven’s ladder I build with deeds of love,
in patience, giving and acceptance
both I build with my own hands.

Heaven and hell are states of our own making. When love accompanies our actions, then life responds and we live in a state of harmony. When dissatisfaction and negativity is our nature, we live in a state of constant turmoil.


‘Butterfly Flutters’

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behind the form, the formless

behind the form, the formless
behind the named, the nameless
behind the multiplicity, the One
gives birth to all and none.

Lucky the person whose vision is so clear, that he sees the same essence under all manifestations. Just like waves forming on top of the ocean, so consciousness gives rise to all the different forms and experiences we have, to all life and death. But consciousness itself remains unchanged, untouched, undying. The change occurs only on the surface, as the bottom of the ocean is forever unaffected by the waves on top.
Are waves not also the ocean?


eternal journey

on my eternal journey
I take my joy in life
I take my rest in death.

Death and Life, Gustav Klimt

Everything that comes into being, must go out of being. Life and death are two sides of the same coin, the same existence. “What happens to your fist when you open your hand?” is a classic zen koan, showing they were always the same thing, only the mind is unable to perceive them correctly.


to shake and to awaken

every barrier, hurdle, and every obstacle
by the universe undertaken
to shake and to awaken.

Awakening is seeing life as the mirror of our selves: a series of events that are meant to guide us towards a higher understanding. Nothing happens without reason and we can learn from any moment in our lives. What appears to be a painful event, can be a door to inner transformation. We just need to be open.