my boundaries melting

my boundaries melting
in effulgent glow
no longer the body I know
a new heart opens above
cosmic waves of generous love.

Our skin marks the boundaries of our physical body. But our full existence extends much further than that. As the heart opens, we find an ocean of love waiting for us.
Ajahn Chah said ” If you haven’t wept deeply, you haven’t begun to meditate”. This poem came out of such a space, where tears came flowing down, enveloped by an unmistakable cosmic love. Such moments (for me) are rare, therefore precious.

There is no doubt, the universe is built on love.😊


Love is gravity?

I felt this, one day in August of 2017, while walking outside, I had a spontaneous insight that the whole universe is held together by a love-like ‘intent’. How else could everything move in such cyclical precision? The planetary motions, the seasons, women’s period (just joking!)

In physics, the fundamental forces generally have their dualistic poles: electricity has positive and negative charge; magnetism has a north pole and a south pole.  This leads to attractive and repulsive phenomena.  
But gravity is unusual in this respect- there is no negative repulsive gravity. It only works on attraction- bringing things together.  This is similar to love. Love brings people together.
Like the astronomical forces that created the planets from a disk of dust and debris, love brings together the individual elements that can, together, lead to something gloriously bigger.  

Gravity is at the core of a harmonious universe. It is not dumb randomness. It is awesomely intelligent. It is fully aware of itself.


May 1, Global Love Day

Love is not just an “emotion”, it is a force that holds the whole universe together. If it wasn’t for the benevolent laws of the universe, there would be disharmony among the spheres, and chaos would be prevalent state.

All the cosmic cycles, planetary arrangements and the movement of the seasons reflect an innate harmony.

On earth, life is capable of appearing in the most hostile and toxic environments. Earth sustain life, and its creative process. Destruction and death, two necessary stages, are temporary states. In fact, even in manure and chaos, we have fertile ground for life and creative force.

The universe seems to favor harmony and that harmony is love. 💓