the stories are the same

from time immemorial
we play again and again
the stories of creation
in infinite variation.
wearing new garments
we still remain dormant.

the stories are the same
only appearances change.

Everything occurs in cyclical motions. Often, we have the feeling “I’ve been here before”, because we move forward in a spiral fashion, revisiting similar circumstances, but encompassing deeper truths. 🌷


beyond words

I lay my head on a pillow of silence
and swim the ocean of knowingness.

Flaming June, Frederick Lord Leighton

A wise friend of mine once said: “The purpose is to find an existence beyond words”. 

Words belong to mind. And mind can only take us so far. We all know, the deepest truths are felt, not understood by the intellect.

Beyond mind, starts the land of transcendence, and we need silence to guide us. 

If we cling endlessly to labels, comparisons, words… how deep do we really live? How could existence possibly be put into words?


human ‘tour de force’

we don’t truly belong
we only color the world
on a canvass of emptiness
with the music of our laughter,
the pain of our tears,
aspirations and high hopes.
a dance of passing shadows yet
our human ‘tour de force’.

pic by agnes cecille

Such is the paradox of life: we are the creators, and at the same time, we are merely passing by. This helps us understand why the world sometimes does not feel like our original home. We are gatherers of experiences, and after we learn our lessons, we move on…


alchemists at life

forged in earth, water and fire
the elements of our attire,
we pierce unceasingly inside,
unfooled by matter or demise,
alchemists of life,
to uncover the golden core
and transmute our ignoble nature
into auric abode.

Life is a consciousness expanding experience. It’s not survival, paying bills and satisfying our base senses.

It is a blossoming into what we are meant to become: divinity itself. It is realizing our existence beyond our physical body and thoughts, and nurturing the sacred, innate connection that we have with the whole universe.

We are continually transforming our nature into something finer. We need to dig down through layers of untruths to find the golden core—our purest being.

Life is bringing spirit into matter. We are all Alchemists of Life. 🌷


divine birth

we come into the world
as babes protected by the womb
surrounded by angelic light,
nourished and bound by mystic cords
and sustained with adoration
by heavenly delight. 
and so we proceed upon creation
to break away and proclaim our separation
and deny our sacred birth
walk the earth with hollow eyes,
blind, and void of mirth,
authors of our own demise.

Sigur Ros

According to Plato’s Myth of Er, the soul forgets his true origin after drinking from the waters of the River of Forgetfulness (River Lethe) before it embodies again on earth.

Many spiritual traditions have some version of this ‘forgetting’, thus making our life on earth a journey back to remembrance.

What happens when we remember who/what we are? We are fully awakened from the dream of life and death.

May we all remember 🙏

…now, where in hell did i put those car keys??


undying and unbound

we cry
unsuspecting of our grandeur
we crawl
unaware we can fly
we suffer
ignorant of our power,
forgetting we are undying and unbound.

The Buddha said that all suffering is due to man’s ignorance of his true nature. In our largest self, we are eternal consciousness, unlimited and undying. Not knowing this leaves us victims of a life that appears to work against us.



all man’s glorious stories
written in ghost ink,
dreaming of leaving his footprints
on the warp of time.
but would he know,
he has been here before?
before time was even born?

Our true existence is timeless and limitless, present only Now, without past or future, beginning or end.
An enlightened person always lives in that space only, and has no concept of past time.

The human mind has difficulties apprehending such concepts, and creates false borders in which it can operate.
We were not created or destroyed. ‘Creation’ doesn’t need a beginning or an end. That is a mind concept.

We are That that knows no birth nor death.


never was I not, never will I not be

that forbidden sphere
no human gaze can peer 
but only speculate
about our birthplace,
lingering silence opened
a window into space
when I came to see
that never was I not,
and never will I not be.

Our origins are shrouded in mystery. Only deep silence allows the mind to penetrate behind the movement and the noise of the world. Here, we may get a glimpse of our infinite existence.



detached. around me
a garden of delight!
no worldly hankers
hold me down.
my sight, on a goal divine
my guide, a buddha-like mind.

A certain detachment from the events of life is healthy. It gives us a better perspective on what really matters, and life becomes more enjoyable. Being detached, we drop the heavy burdens that hold us down. The mind becomes free, light and focused.