Paying close attention

in stillness and in silence
lie all the answers
of your wavering mind.

If you relax and close your eyes, and you pay attention to the sensations of the body, and pay attention to sounds ‘outside’ the body, you will realize they both come out of the same field of awareness. Does the sound of the plane in the distance take longer to reach you than the twitch in your leg? No, they both arise at the same time.
The body, just like the rest of the world, arises out of the same field.

That field is what you are permanently, eternally. Not the temporary body, not the changing thoughts/mind, but the awareness that always knows it is. Don’t confuse the body and its senses with That which knows the body and its senses.

Paying close attention, being aware of awareness, will reveal the truth.


we are made

we are made
to fly above the world
finer that a breath
lighter than a thought.
pure being
in illusion caught.

Our true essence, consciousness, has no dimension, it is timeless and outside space. In fact, time and space come out of it. It is closer to you than your own breath, more intimate than your own thoughts. In fact, it carries your breath and thoughts. But don’t look for it with your eyes- it is hidden within your seeing. Don’t listen for it with your ears- it is hidden within your hearing. Don’t try to understand it, it cannot be caught by thoughts nor expresses by words.
Just be still and quiet, it will emerge by itself, all encompassing awareness- I AM.


flight of your life

oh, little butterfly, don’t despair.
your long sleep in your cocoon 
is preparing you 
for the flight of your life!

We often want things to happen right away, or want to see immediate results in order to feel that something is happening. That is our mind, wanting to experience life according to its limited notions. But important transformations take time and are often silent, showing their fruit in the most unexpected fashion.

Patience and deep awareness are necessary. Inner transformation is never accompanied by fireworks.

(The butterfly’s chrysalis period last up to 14 days! Most butterflies live 1 or 2 weeks in the adult stage.)


let us meet again

let us meet again
when we have no need
of names
in an ageless time
in a wordless space
I will know you
for your burning, inner blaze.
let us be at last
as rivers of devotion
into the greater ocean
as we remember
we have never been apart.

Time and space, thoughts and words, these are constructs which allow us to navigate this material world. They apply to the relative, but not to the absolute. When time and space dissolve, words are not necessary as no separation exists.


friends with both

today I may laugh with life,
tomorrow I may lay with death.
I’m friends with both
and cannot decide
for whom to wear the better dress.

How would you feel, knowing that there is no death? The body may perish, but the body without you is an empty shell. The thoughts may cease, but do you stop existing when you stop thinking? Of course not. You are probably more peaceful then.
And here you are, being aware of both your body and your thoughts, knowing “I Am”.

That awareness is You. Everything there is comes out of that space, like waves shaping on the surface of the ocean. You are the ocean that knows no birth nor death. Rest in it. 🌷🙏


open your eyes

open your eyes 
this world is alive
with a heart of its own
that longs for your return
eyes bright as stars in the night
sun’s glow pours below
its golden love.
come home!
through your body, in your breath
all the wisdom flows.
you are the creation that knows.

art by Josephine Wall

This world is made to awaken us to our true vastness. The world is not pre-determined, it is not an inanimate clockwork. It is organic, alive and leading us into deeper being, if we only pay attention.


chained in dreams

chained in dreams of love and pain
and multiplicity of names,
deceiving Maya
stop your deluding game!
I want to see my one true face.

The concept of Maya, or illusion, is at the heart of many spiritual traditions. The idea that this life, the material plane, is not the ultimate reality. Everything here changes constantly, and we cannot hold on to anything. Life is as ephemeral as the dreams we dream at night.

Who is dreaming all this? What is aware of the change?

“Human beings actually have no more independence or autonomy in living their lives than do the characters in a dream. Neither do they have anything to do with the creation of the dream or anything in it. 
They are simply being lived along with everything else in this living dream of the manifested universe. The entire dream is unreal. Only the dreamer is real, and that is Consciousness itself.” -Ramesh Balsekar


who are you?

who are we, beneath this skin?
shadows of a self unseen
untouched by time
unbound by space
a longing for return to bliss
and childlike sight
days spent in soul’s kiss
and wondrous delight.

Meša pencil sketches

One of the main causes for our suffering is false identification; identification with something we call a ‘me’. That is what we call ego.

The question of “who am I” is, undoubtedly, the most important question we can ask ourselves.

“Ego” has no reality whatsoever. If we look deep enough, we find all identification we make with something called “me” is either opinions of others, superficial roles we play in society, memories that have no consistency to them, our own likes, dislikes that change all the time, past events that are non-existent, or feelings that could be anything at all.

“Me” is a mental concept, completely empty. There is nothing “hard” there to hang on to. When we realize this, we cannot get triggered, offended or hurt. What is there to offend, if nothing is there?

What do you most identify with? Take a moment and think about it. A good hint is what is it that triggers or offends you most? If you were not that anymore, would you still exist? Would anything remain?

Today, I challenge you to imagine there is no “me”. Think “There is no one here”.
Be like a strainer where water flows right through, and see what happens? The universe starts flowing through, because a great mental blockage is removed. 


roots of our thoughts

to find the roots of our thoughts
is to find the source of our world
and regain the power
to manifest and transform.

Reality: fixed or malleable?

Nothing in this world is fixed. We see the world as hard forms, but even science has discovered that at the smallest level, everything vibrates. The brain itself is not a ‘fixed’ organ. By neuroplasticity, we can rewire our brain nerves to act differently than the usual way.
A man whose arm was cup off, can teach his brain to feel in his artificial arm.

With his Special Theory of Relativity (1905) Einstein banished from the universe every fixed reality expect that of light.

Through perfect meditation, one can merge his consciousness with cosmic essence as light, and becomes free from the three dimensions of space, and time.

The world is a flexible, changeable reality, our exterior reflection of our own state of consciousness.


before time was born

all man’s glorious stories
written in ghost ink,
dreaming of leaving his footprints
on the warp of time.
but would he know,
he has been here before?
before time was even born?

When discussing spirituality, it really helps to keep an abstract mind.

Our true existence is timeless and limitless, present only now, without past or future, beginning or end.
An enlightened person always lives in that space only, and doesn’t entertain concepts of past or future.

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. So the mind creates false borders, like time and space, in which it can operate. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic. High, high above the ordinary mental consciousness, lies a boundless unified field. Our true existence.
We were not created or destroyed. ‘Creation’ doesn’t need a beginning or an end. That is a mind concept.

We are That that knows no birth nor death.🌷🙏