improving the ‘self’?

my hidden self, a nameless Amazon
frightful and uncharted
calls an alluring song
to share its hidden gemstones.

Whatever can be changed about you, is not the Real you.
That is the issue with self-improvement philosophy. It’s dealing with mere ‘mascara’.
The real you is perfect and whole. It needs no improvement. Realize it and rest there.


elephant mourning

elephant mourning
feel death with your trunk
colossal with gentle caress
strokes over the dry skull
one of your kind
with awareness of death.
could it be the same distress
that burns in my own chest?

Last night I watched a documentary about animals and grief. When an elephant dies, the group gathers around the dead body and the members take turns touching, smelling and caressing the dead body. It was immensely touching to see the emotion displayed by these enormous creatures. Many species have been observed to mourn for and ritualize their dead. Animals, just like humans, go through a mourning process. Why would they not?

The same consciousness that manifests in humans, manifests in all creation in an infinite variety. It is just the form that is different. All life has the same value. All life comes from the same essence. All life has the same will to survive and to thrive.

Make a point of seeing a part of yourself in everything, and soon you’ll embrace the whole creation as your own body. Because it truly is. The fantasy is that you are separate.


One theory of everything

The mystery is actually rather simple. Everything happens within awareness, or semantics, consciousness. Matter is then like a dream, seemingly real but not independently real. Not really independent from consciousness. Consider that everything you experience, from the softest inner whisper, to the hard rock falling on your toe, that all of these are simulated by your brain for you to experience. Even though they may seem different levels of real, different levels of manifestation, they are all just presented by the brain (or consciousness). Consciousness doesn’t happen within the body, but rather the body happens within consciousness (or awareness). Matter happens within awareness. 

Fully awakened is never true for anyone, firstly because fully is an absolute term for a relative being. Words have that effect to distinguish, here between full and empty. In truth, everything in existence is both full and empty at the same time. Words can not automatically acknowledge that non-dual understanding of reality. We can be relatively more fully awakened or more empty. But everything that comes will go. Only our true nature never comes and will never go. We are already full and complete, when sleeping and when awakened. But every being will always oscillate between fully awakened and sleeping. It is the nature of being. Wouldn’t be fun otherwise. The notion that someone would be finished developing for all eternity is a distortion that is easily suffered from our overly focused plane of reality. 

Jesus’ death and resurrection symbolizes that we ALL will transcend death. We are deathlessness itself, we are Brahman, nonseparate from anything in existence.


butterfly wings

the butterfly doesn’t question
the purpose of its wings
and so creates its flight.

The human mind always searches for a purpose or meaning in life. But that is only the ego needing something to keep it alive. Making us feel somehow special, that there is a difference to be made. Purpose is also very relative. For the man who lost use of his legs, his purpose can be to overcome this handicap. For the man who is whole and able, he has the opportunity to define his own purpose in life.

Life is flexible, it is not fixed. It does not come with a purpose attached. Western esoteric schools (Rudolf Steiner, the Theosophists, the Rosicrucian, the Hermetics) say that humanity is in constant evolution, and we are evolving towards an improved human being. Many eastern traditions aim for liberation. Zen buddhism keeps away from any speculation, and takes a neutral stance. “The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves” said Alan Watts.

Whatever view we take, it is only in precious moments of doing nothing, of quiet mind, of undisturbed attention that pure being arises. Those are the most delicious moments, when we drop all expectations and thoughts about ‘meaning’. Then we create an opening for our soul to make itself known.


i am the space

I am the space where
life goes forth her myriad motions
and death recedes with quiet devotion.

‘Orange Pink Rose’, Paul Militaru

Life is a progressive, outward movement. It develops like a flower blossom. From the bud, we can never imagine its mature stage.
In death, we go inwards. Movement ceases. A time of rest and assimilation.


give heart the lead

demand less, my body is weak
it will not keep up
a slave to its own cravings.
give heart the lead
it knows no boundaries
and is world-embracing.

The mind does not have the will or the spiritual forces that the heart contains. When we rely on the mind only to accomplish our soulful yearnings, chances are we will not get very far. But when we lead with the heart, nothing is impossible, because the heart is rooted in oneness. The heart is its own source of inspiration. 🙏


who are you?

who are we, beneath this skin?
shadows of a self unseen
untouched by time
unbound by space
a longing for return to bliss
and childlike sight
days spent in soul’s kiss
and wondrous delight.

Meša pencil sketches

One of the main causes for our suffering is false identification; identification with something we call a ‘me’. That is what we call ego.

The question of “who am I” is, undoubtedly, the most important question we can ask ourselves.

“Ego” has no reality whatsoever. If we look deep enough, we find all identification we make with something called “me” is either opinions of others, superficial roles we play in society, memories that have no consistency to them, our own likes, dislikes that change all the time, past events that are non-existent, or feelings that could be anything at all.

“Me” is a mental concept, completely empty. There is nothing “hard” there to hang on to. When we realize this, we cannot get triggered, offended or hurt. What is there to offend, if nothing is there?

What do you most identify with? Take a moment and think about it. A good hint is what is it that triggers or offends you most? If you were not that anymore, would you still exist? Would anything remain?

Today, I challenge you to imagine there is no “me”. Think “There is no one here”.
Be like a strainer where water flows right through, and see what happens? The universe starts flowing through, because a great mental blockage is removed. 


roots of our thoughts

to find the roots of our thoughts
is to find the source of our world
and regain the power
to manifest and transform.

Reality: fixed or malleable?

Nothing in this world is fixed. We see the world as hard forms, but even science has discovered that at the smallest level, everything vibrates. The brain itself is not a ‘fixed’ organ. By neuroplasticity, we can rewire our brain nerves to act differently than the usual way.
A man whose arm was cup off, can teach his brain to feel in his artificial arm.

With his Special Theory of Relativity (1905) Einstein banished from the universe every fixed reality expect that of light.

Through perfect meditation, one can merge his consciousness with cosmic essence as light, and becomes free from the three dimensions of space, and time.

The world is a flexible, changeable reality, our exterior reflection of our own state of consciousness.


wake up!

there is no one outside
to blame or to fight
the world is within you
each person, each event
a facet of your self
that yet remains to be embraced.
go deeper than the surface
recognize the voice that whispers
“Wake up! Wake up!”

“Spirituality” begins when we realize our thoughts manifest.

The boundaries between ‘outside’ / ‘inside’ start to melt.

We are not just moving bodies, we are the manifesting reality.

No god is needed. No belief is needed. 
Only awareness is needed.