Spirituality and things

Many people are turned off by the concept of spirituality; images of witches, voodoo practices or weird worshiping come to mind. Some ‘otherworldly’ activities and beliefs. Well, what exactly is “spirituality”? The great Ramana Maharshi explained the whole thing very simply “Consciousness alone exists. In its unmanifest form, it is experienced as pure beingness (awareness). In its manifest form, it is the appearance in consciousness of the universe.” So “spirituality” is nothing else than consciousness becoming aware of itself. Going back to the roots of what we truly are.

Because everything we experience, including the world and even our own thoughts, occur within consciousness, it remains hidden and unseen. Very much like a canvas serves only as a background to bring out the paint and forms of the painting, but it is empty by itself. Until we direct our attention inwards, back to the source of consciousness, we remain unaware, and confuse our true being with superficial layers.


flow, river soul

flow, river soul, flow back home
and carry nothing with you
let it all go.

We often think that something needs to be done, to be achieved, or polished in order for us to be ‘complete’ and fully at peace. But in reality, we need to undo and deconstruct all the false beliefs we have carried with us. Our society is not supportive of an enlightened life. It reinforces false beliefs and limiting ideas before we are even able to think: ideas about who we are and our relationship with the world, what happiness is, what life is. When these ideas start contradicting our own feelings and discoveries, it sparks the search for truth.

You have always been truth itself. It only needs to be revealed under the layers of falsity.


anchor in eternity

going in, going out
this breath now holds our only truth
a bridge between two worlds
separated by illusion
an outer and an inner world
arising from within. 
my breath, my life commander 
the cord that bonds mind to matter
my anchor in eternity.

As long as we are alive, the breath is always there. While everything else might change, including our body, thoughts, vision, desires, the breath remains the same. That is why many meditation techniques use the breath as a grounding method for the practice. “Just follow your breath” is the mantra. As our thoughts, so our breath. When we are excited, it goes faster. As we relax, as we go deeper into consciousness, the breath becomes more and more subtle. Breath is an unmistakable anchor into the present moment, into reality.


my heaven, my hell

heavy stones pave my way to hell,
stones of hate, anger and deception
stones of separation.
heaven’s ladder I build with deeds of love,
in patience, giving and acceptance
both I build with my own hands.

Heaven and hell are states of our own making. When love accompanies our actions, then life responds and we live in a state of harmony. When dissatisfaction and negativity is our nature, we live in a state of constant turmoil.


behind the form, the formless

behind the form, the formless
behind the named, the nameless
behind the multiplicity, the One
gives birth to all and none.

Lucky the person whose vision is so clear, that he sees the same essence under all manifestations. Just like waves forming on top of the ocean, so consciousness gives rise to all the different forms and experiences we have, to all life and death. But consciousness itself remains unchanged, untouched, undying. The change occurs only on the surface, as the bottom of the ocean is forever unaffected by the waves on top.
Are waves not also the ocean?


eternal journey

on my eternal journey
I take my joy in life
I take my rest in death.

Death and Life, Gustav Klimt

Everything that comes into being, must go out of being. Life and death are two sides of the same coin, the same existence. “What happens to your fist when you open your hand?” is a classic zen koan, showing they were always the same thing, only the mind is unable to perceive them correctly.


The language of ‘spirituality’

Spirituality has a language of its own. And its alphabet is silence and complete stillness in body and mind. It is not a ‘not speaking’, or a ‘non-doing’. It is a total state of inner peaceful being.

Often people assume that they should automatically understand spiritual concepts. But to the mind that has been working unceasingly for lifetime after lifetime (and let’s face it, most minds are like that), ‘not thinking’ is as foreign as a foreign language. How could one possibly not think? Well… in deep sleep there is no thinking. What happens then?

So, just as we go to a teacher to learn a foreign language or math or any other subject, why do we assume we don’t need a teacher for spiritual development? The true spiritual teacher, or guru, will not show you ‘where’ to look, he will show you ‘how’ to look in order to see what is already there.

But without learning the alphabet, we are like babies who want to understand a thesis paper without learning to read first. It is impossible.


to shake and to awaken

every barrier, hurdle, and every obstacle
by the universe undertaken
to shake and to awaken.

Awakening is seeing life as the mirror of our selves: a series of events that are meant to guide us towards a higher understanding. Nothing happens without reason and we can learn from any moment in our lives. What appears to be a painful event, can be a door to inner transformation. We just need to be open.


two thousand lives

two thousand lives I have ignored
the callings of my soul,
its whispers in my dreams
and heralds from beyond,
enticing me to follow
the pathless path of inner worlds,
wishing to show me
realms of the beginnings,
my birthplace, my original face.

We can only ignore the callings of our soul for so long. When we take the dive within, we are embarking on the eternal journey to our most authentic self.