heights of laughter

On the heights of laughter
We build bridges between heaven and earth.

I don’t think humor is just healthy and useful. 
I think humor is in-bedded in the fabric of the universe.
It’s not coincidental that laughing feels so good, and is so healthy for mind and body. Even in the animal kingdom, playfulness is considered a sign of well-developed intelligence.

Those that get the power behind humor, understand life better. It is not so serious, it was never intended to be. It is creative playfulness. Only mind creates the problems.
At the end of the ‘road’, at the end of all searching, those who have awakened found the same great cosmic joke. It was always only YOU.


this life

this life, an ephemeral dream
holds nothing in esteem –
not love, not death, not time.
its unfathomable origination
a mere playground of creation.

The changingness of life is an important idea in Buddhism. Nothing escapes. Everything in this world changes, making life appear more like a passing dream than anything substantial.
The buddhists make a practice of accepting change as an inherent nature of reality. Accepting what comes, and releasing what goes, we neither seek what is not there, nor do we resist what is already there. This is the way to peace.

If it changes, can it be truth ?


from stony stillness

from stony stillness and single oneness
such is the breath of creation, and of the universe
to motion and infinite complexity
a feast to keep the eye enchanted
and the mind entangled
for many spiraling lives
then contracting
back to one again.

When we understand complete stillness, we understand all movement.
When we understand total silence, we understand all noise.
But we cannot understand movement, without FIRST grasping stillness, nor can we understand noise without first grasping total silence.
Before movement was, stillness is. Before any noise, silence is.

So, to understand life (and death), we must go back to where all this comes out of. Before thought was, before anything at all.  🌷


cast into world affairs

cast into world affairs
I don’t remember wishing to go there!
to play the game of birth and death
trapped in all that strife and fight
without escape in sight!

Nicholas Roerich, Drops of Life

To the novice, reincarnation can appear pointless—endless cycles of life and death—a trap from which it is impossible to escape. From this standpoint life appears as a burden rather than an opportunity for liberation.


snowflake dance

no eyes will ever see
the exquisite dance you make,
tiny snowflake,
twirling to the ground.

Perspective changes everything. Science is discovering more and more that our universe has intelligence. But the universe doesn’t ‘have’ intelligence. The universe is not a ‘thing’ to have something. The universe IS an expression of intelligence, the universe is pure intelligence. When we notice, for example, the natural world or animals acting in an intelligent way, the right view is not to say “these animals in the universe are intelligent” but rather the universe manifests intelligence as the intelligent birds, or fish, or whatever the case may be.

Intelligence as a verb, a constantly manifesting occurrence. Not a thing to own or gain.🐝🌳🌞


how can you be sad?

only mind construes a progress or a regress
only mind sees gain or loss
only mind fabricates a life or a death.
in truth there is nothing
but the eternal
unfathomable unfolding of That.
the very thing you are.
so how can you be sad?
how can you feel separate?
what can trouble you
when you are the seed of all creation?


we created and destroyed

we created and destroyed
again and again
unlikely authors
writers of legends
birthing new gods
while burying the old
builders of empires
and destroyers of nations
with much human love
with much human pathos
architects of order and of chaos.
who could fathom
a dance
of such magnificence?

Creation and Destruction Print by Mattie Templeton

We are the stories, we are the creators and we are always in the process of creating. In this world ruled by impermanence, how real are our creations? Could it all be a dream? And if so… Who is dreaming it all?


Consciousness does not need the world. It allows it.

“Consider the fact that no matter how many planets and stars are reflected in a lake, these reflections are encompassed within the water itself; that no matter how many universes there are, they are encompassed within a single space; and that no matter how vast and how numerous the sensory appearances of samsara and nirvana may be, they are encompassed within the single nature of mind (sem-nyid).” – Dudjom Lingpa