This is a dream

This is a dream.
It is only a dream.
What you think as real, the material world, even your body, is actually a dream.
What you truly are is pure awareness. That which is aware of all things occurring.
Everything that happens is arising out of that awareness. It is what you have ever thought of, consciously or unconsciously.
You are not an ‘individual’ living a life, you are Life dreaming you are the individual.

That is the cosmic dream, the great cosmic joke.

Events in life are all passing, like clouds across an empty sky. Your true nature, awareness, is like the eternal sky behind the clouds. It is the only thing that is real, unchanging and undying.
It is the seed of all there is.
Awaken to the fullness of being.

“Buddha looked inside,
When the rest of the world was looking outside.
People asked ‘Who created the earth?’
Buddha asked ‘Who am I?’ What am I doing here?’

Where do you look?


my face reflected

I see my face reflected
in the heights of the towering skies
as in the tiny morning dew.

“As above, so below”, from the Emerald Tablet of Trismegistus, refers to the idea that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, that smaller systems, particularly the human body is a miniature version of the larger universe.
By understanding the smaller systems, therefore, we can understand the larger, and vice versa.

This also reflects the idea of the universe being composed of multiple realms (such as the physical and the spiritual) and that things that happen in one reflect upon the other.


give heart the lead

demand less, my body is weak
it will not keep up
a slave to its own cravings.
give heart the lead
it knows no boundaries
and is world-embracing.

The mind does not have the will or the spiritual forces that the heart contains. When we rely on the mind only to accomplish our soulful yearnings, chances are we will not get very far. But when we lead with the heart, nothing is impossible, because the heart is rooted in oneness. The heart is its own source of inspiration. 🙏


flight of your life

oh, little butterfly, don’t despair.
your long sleep in your cocoon 
is preparing you 
for the flight of your life!

We often want things to happen right away, or want to see immediate results in order to feel that something is happening. That is our mind, wanting to experience life according to its limited notions. But important transformations take time and are often silent, showing their fruit in the most unexpected fashion.

Patience and deep awareness are necessary. Inner transformation is never accompanied by fireworks.

(The butterfly’s chrysalis period last up to 14 days! Most butterflies live 1 or 2 weeks in the adult stage.)


Sky and Earth

she’s all dressed up,
lacy mists cover her gaze
promises of oceanic depths
her bosom full in mountain peaks,
rivers rushing through her veins
and volcanic, youthful folly
in anticipation for her lover, the Sky
he opens his arms
with great expectation
in birth of a new creation.

When the forces of above meet the forces of below, when consciousness enters matter, when the Sky meets the Earth duality seeks to re-unite into the one source.


today, Van Gogh

Everybody loves Van Gogh! He is the epitome of the tormented genius artist.

In a recent movie, ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ with the superb Willem Dafoe, new evidence reveals that Vincent might have died in a shooting accident, not suicide, as it was believed until now.

I cannot help seeing a true mystic in Vincent- he felt deeply the unity and harmony behind everything. We considered him mad, but was he not more sane than most? You followed the light, you captured the light, Vincent!🌻