human ‘tour de force’

we don’t truly belong
we only color the world
on a canvass of emptiness
with the music of our laughter,
the pain of our tears,
aspirations and high hopes.
a dance of passing shadows yet
our human ‘tour de force’.

pic by agnes cecille

Such is the paradox of life: we are the creators, and at the same time, we are merely passing by. This helps us understand why the world sometimes does not feel like our original home. We are gatherers of experiences, and after we learn our lessons, we move on…



on the heights of laughter
we build bridges between heaven and earth.

Laughter is the most copious expression of existence.

You can discuss and debate, but when all is done, you just want to tilt your head back and have a good laugh!

In the end, it is all a game. Here you are thinking you’re stuck between birth and death, and have something to accomplish, not realizing you are the WHOLE existence and there’s nowhere to go, and nothing to do.

On the heights of laughter, we forget about ourselves. On the heights of laughter, we are in the moment. On the heights of laughter, we bring heaven down.

So laugh.


creator and created

I am the cosmic play
Creator and created
Dancer and its dance, 
Shiva and his Shakti
caught in frenzied Lila
the land as my bride
grounding me
my lover, the sky,
embracing me
my many faces, entertain
and maintain a swirling trance.

According to Hindu philosophy, the entire universe is created on two fundamental forces: consciousness (Shiva) and Shakti (energy). Shiva is the formless, Shakti is the formed, Shiva is changelessness, Shakti is change.

Consciousness and energy, forever intertwined in the dance that makes our world appear and eternal life exist.

As human beings, we have the capacity to expand our individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness, and realize that we are both the creators of life, and the creation itself.



my life lays marks for me follow
and has grandiose designs
but I fall behind
distracted by the butterflies!

There is a way to be serious about things in life, and yet always maintain a humorous and light-hearted attitude.

I realized that, no matter what domain, or discipline, whenever people start taking themselves too seriously, it doesn’t feel quite right.

Us, humans, face many things that are very painful and grave.
But that’s when we need to apply some detachment. In the end, we all die. In the end, there is no death. Our ‘seriousness’ will not save the problem.
However, a light-hearted attitude can make the solving of the problem easier… and maybe even more efficient. 🙏


undying and unbound

we cry
unsuspecting of our grandeur
we crawl
unaware we can fly
we suffer
ignorant of our power,
forgetting we are undying and unbound.

The Buddha said that all suffering is due to man’s ignorance of his true nature. In our largest self, we are eternal consciousness, unlimited and undying. Not knowing this leaves us victims of a life that appears to work against us.



all man’s glorious stories
written in ghost ink,
dreaming of leaving his footprints
on the warp of time.
but would he know,
he has been here before?
before time was even born?

Our true existence is timeless and limitless, present only Now, without past or future, beginning or end.
An enlightened person always lives in that space only, and has no concept of past time.

The human mind has difficulties apprehending such concepts, and creates false borders in which it can operate.
We were not created or destroyed. ‘Creation’ doesn’t need a beginning or an end. That is a mind concept.

We are That that knows no birth nor death.


never was I not, never will I not be

that forbidden sphere
no human gaze can peer 
but only speculate
about our birthplace,
lingering silence opened
a window into space
when I came to see
that never was I not,
and never will I not be.

Our origins are shrouded in mystery. Only deep silence allows the mind to penetrate behind the movement and the noise of the world. Here, we may get a glimpse of our infinite existence.



The butterfly is a powerful symbol for spiritual transformation.

Just as the caterpillar goes from crawling on the ground and eating leaves to becoming an exquisite flying insect feeding on sweet, nectar of flowers, so us, humans, evolve from basic ‘survival mode’ into an ever growing ‘divine reality’ feeding on nectar of the gods.

In between these stages, there is a long transformational sleep.

Often, when we go through a dark time, we feel we’re being destroyed, forgetting that maybe we are being prepared for the greatest flight of our lives.

We are not made to crawl, we are made to fly!

little butterfly, to his surprise,
his long slumber gave rise
to his wondrous flight.