Entangled in meditation

“Help, I’m entangled in meditation and I can’t get out!”

Why do we feel so “connected” to everything when we are in deep meditation? Why is meditation so powerful in manifesting, creating and changing reality itself?

When we sit in meditation, the idea is to reduce the jittery fluctuations of the mind until the mind is as calm as the surface of a lake. As we gradually reduce mental fluctuations, we go deeper and deeper to achieve a critical level of extreme stillness. We enter a space of ‘entanglement’ where things become connected at quantum level. This is why sometimes we experience telepathy or sudden knowledge of events that occur even in distant places.

Think of it as ‘cooling the mental activity’. No, sitting with an ice pack on your head doesn’t have the same effect.

A parallel has been made with the superconducting state of matter in physics. At ordinary temperatures, these materials are not good conductors of electricity (akin to ordinary mental activity). But as they are cooled, the jittery motions of the atoms is reduced, they jump into a superconducting state with absolutely zero resistance (deep connected meditative state).

Happy meditating and ‘superconducting’! 😁


I bow

I don’t bow to you, I don’t bow to me.
I bow to that which made you and me.

Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki said “A master who cannot bow to his disciples cannot bow to Buddha.”

The practice of bowing is deeply humbling. It signifies seeing the worth in another. In bowing, we recognize the interdependence of all things; that the Master is Master because the student is, and the student is student because the Master is.
It is recognizing that there is no duality.


I object!

I object to that poor excuse that man ‘believes’ in god because of fear of death, or the unknown, or some other mambo jambo.

Spirituality is innate in humans. It has continually shown itself during the course of humanity, in infinite ways and variations, from worshiping nature to actually becoming god-realized.

It’s not even about belief. It is simply being aware that the human mind is not the ultimate instrument in the universe, and many phenomena are much beyond it.


darkness, my old friend

Did you know? More things came from darkness than we ever suspected.

1. The Universe. Cosmology has recently discovered that following the big bang, the universe entered what is called “the cosmic dark ages” for several hundred millions years.

2. Since the discovery of deep water vents, biology now is seriously considering that life started in the deep oceans, in utter darkness.

3. In Hindu spirituality, the Asuras (first-born gods) created duality from unity, before Light or Form.

4. Let’s not forget that when unconscious behavior is brought forth and recognized, it is illumined and transformed.

5. Coffee. Nothing quite as satisfactory as good old, dark coffee. 😉


beyond words

I lay my head on a pillow of silence
and swim the ocean of knowingness.

Flaming June, Frederick Lord Leighton

A wise friend of mine once said: “The purpose is to find an existence beyond words”. 

Words belong to mind. And mind can only take us so far. We all know, the deepest truths are felt, not understood by the intellect.

Beyond mind, starts the land of transcendence, and we need silence to guide us. 

If we cling endlessly to labels, comparisons, words… how deep do we really live? How could existence possibly be put into words?



thoughts are lighter than air, yet their hold on us
is stronger than steel chains.

Mind was never meant to be used as people use it: non-stop chattering, worrying, thinking about future, past, this or that.

Mind is an instrument, you apply it when you need to complete a task, and then you put it away. Resting in the abiding silence beyond thought, into what the Buddhists call “emptiness”, what the Hindus call “self” … The eternal Now, pure awareness.

So rest in your true, eternal nature. It only exists in the now.🌷