thoughts are lighter than air, yet their hold on us
is stronger than steel chains.

Mind was never meant to be used as people use it: non-stop chattering, worrying, thinking about future, past, this or that.

Mind is an instrument, you apply it when you need to complete a task, and then you put it away. Resting in the abiding silence beyond thought, into what the Buddhists call “emptiness”, what the Hindus call “self” … The eternal Now, pure awareness.

So rest in your true, eternal nature. It only exists in the now.🌷


The illusionary “ego”

“Ego” has no reality whatsoever. If we look deep enough, we find all identification we make with something called “me” is either opinions of others, superficial roles we play in society, memories that have no consistency to them, our own likes, dislikes that change all the time, past events that are non-existent, or feelings that could be anything at all.

“Me” is a mental concept, completely empty. There is nothing “hard” there to hang on to. When we realize this, we cannot get triggered, offended or hurt. What is there to offend, if nothing is there?

Today, I challenge you to imagine there is no “me”.
Think “There is no one here”.

Be like a strainer where water flows right through, and see what happens? The universe starts flowing through, because a mental blockage is removed. 


May 1, Global Love Day

Love is not just an “emotion”, it is a force that holds the whole universe together. If it wasn’t for the benevolent laws of the universe, there would be disharmony among the spheres, and chaos would be prevalent state.

All the cosmic cycles, planetary arrangements and the movement of the seasons reflect an innate harmony.

On earth, life is capable of appearing in the most hostile and toxic environments. Earth sustain life, and its creative process. Destruction and death, two necessary stages, are temporary states. In fact, even in manure and chaos, we have fertile ground for life and creative force.

The universe seems to favor harmony and that harmony is love. 💓


Nature of consciousness

Many people assume consciousness is thought itself.

Consciousness is a ‘vehicle’ for thought, but it is before thought. We experience it directly only when mind is free of thought.

It cannot be described, because it is free of any qualities. So it takes whatever quality we give it.

Consciousness is not matter or energy (which is also matter). It is the most subtle ‘quality’ of creation.

Consciousness is like a ladder that goes from the grossest manifestation (our material world) to its purest form (no manifestation at all- pure awareness).

On this ladder, ordinary, daily mental consciousness is pretty low. That’s why bosses don’t just disappear when employees wish it in their minds!


Inside Out

The whole world tells the same story: All creation starts from inside out.

We come out from mother’s belly, the seed contains within itself all possibility, the flower blossoms from inside out.

Consciousness unfolds from inside out: “What you think, you shall become” said the Buddha.
Reality is nothing else but our own thoughts.

Life is soul’s evolution and manifestation from inside out.

Where are you looking for answers?


Heart and Mind

Don’t be fooled, the world does not need you mind,
It begs for your heart.

At one point, I thought the human intellect was the highest faculty. Then another dimension opened.

Life is not meant to be approached with mind alone. It is to be approached like a great lover: with abandon, with devotion, and full trust.

So rest your mind. Let go completely. 

Life has innate wisdom higher than anything human.
After all, it holds everything together, from our smallest cells to the largest galaxies. What is there to ‘understand’? 🙏


You are That

Consciousness is difficult to define and even more difficult to explain. For most people, it takes years of meditation to realize that the stillness behind the thoughts is precious.
Most minds are so busy with thought after thought, that it leaves no chance for silence.

Through this silence we get glimpses into dimensions that otherwise remain hidden: the mystery of our existence.

Every day is another possibility to become the Reality that you already are.