one being

it hides behind all looking eyes
one seeingness
it lays behind all listening ears
one hearingness.
not the senses
not the thinking
child of light!
this world exists because you Are.
pure Beingness.

Samuel Farrand art

We get it all wrong, because we look at it the wrong way.
We feel that we are a body (with an intelligence and an awareness localized inside the body… somewhere) moving through the world and life. This is a dualistic thinking, and the root of all our problems.

A little meditation practice will reveal that we are not a body with an intelligence and an awareness. We are in fact awareness (or being) itself. Not a person who is aware, but that Awareness. (People who have had near-death experiences will often be in this ‘pure awareness’ state for some time). When our body will die, the awareness that allowed you to know you exists, will remain intact. Awareness can never change, or grow, or diminish in any way. It is One and same for all. The body is a mere tool that allows you to interact with the world.

So, the true perspective is that you, that space where all life arises, have always been, and will always be. How else would you know that anything is?

Awareness is ALL there is. The material universe also exists because awareness allows it. And the same with all possible experiences (including birth and death) which can only be known because you are there first. Sort of like the white canvas on which a painting can take shape. Without you, there is nothing.

Now, why do you look here or there? Are you not that very Looking?


tiptoe through life

I tiptoe through life
leaving no traces 
creating a song
that remains unheard.

Ashvin Harrison Jade Art

The very fact that all is transitory supports the idea that life is a game, not to be taken too seriously. Great empires turn to dust, moments of extreme happiness turn to pain, intense suffering can become sources of wisdom. The universe doesn’t like stagnation, and is in a constant state of transformation.

Approaching life with a sense of humor and lightness contains more wisdom than it may appear at first. It affirms the knowing that “No, I too will not last forever. Nor will this heart ache, nor this happiness.” We are all players of a cosmic game. And the final joke is always on those who took it all too seriously.


to understand is not to know

so much unspoken beauty
in between these spoken words.

How could we expect to understand it all when mind itself is a function of this creation? Understanding implies a distance between the observer and the object observed.
Is there a distance between you and life? Where do you end, and life begins?

The only way to ‘understand ‘ it is to Know it, and to know something is to be One with it.
No amount of understanding will give you full knowing. To truly know is to penetrate the essence of a thing and take it on as your own. All else is, what Osho called, endless “foolosophy”.


let’s play gods

let’s play gods
and build a world
in our very likeness
a phantom dream! with wicked plots
and unlikely circumstances.
then let’s forget
and pretend we are
Mortals in the game.

Is life happening ‘to’ us, or are we more deeply involved in its unfolding? The Hindus have the concept of Maya, that birth and death are both dreams, that life is merely a mirage, dissipating like smoke. Who or what is dreaming all this?

The real purpose of life is about remembering our origins, awakening to our forgotten, divine consciousness and to the reality that we are.


they call it ‘god’

I am nothing but the echo
of my whispering soul.

Why do they call it ‘god’? They call it god because it is not matter. All we can see and can be observed makes our material universe. But something else exists, which allows this material universe to be in the first place, and that is not made of matter, it cannot be observed or studied. Sort of like… dreams. Can anyone deny the existence of dreams? Everybody dreams. Yet, can we put a dream under a microscope? We can only study its manifestation, not its substance.

So with god. It is merely a symbol of something which cannot be limited to the material universe. Is god real? Are you?


all the answers

in stillness and in silence
lie all the answers
of your wavering mind.

If we accept all change just as it is, comings and goings within an unchanging awareness, and not get attached to anything at all, but rather recognize yourself as That which is unchanging and allows all things to be, then life can be the eternally joyful experience.


life is ephemeral

life is ephemeral
and find its meaning
in its traceless flight.

Everything of this world is transitory and temporary. Only the ego wants things to be permanent and unchanging, because it is afraid of dying. The ego finds comfort in asserting its own existence, and that is all it does throughout our lives. We try to prove that “Yes, I am someone”.
That is why enlightenment is called “ego’s biggest disappointment”. Awakening to the true reality means melting the illusory ego, or that sense of “i am a separate self”. It is a long and arduous process, including shedding all the layers of what we falsely call ‘me’. What is left is life itself, which needs no purpose outside itself.