the One behind the many

I see the world through million eyes
those suffering souls, these aching hearts
mellow, carefree children’s laughter
are all my own.
those leaning trees, feel them sway
look! flying birds and falling rain
running beasts, rushing streams, ocean waves-
my very face.
in all the places
through all the eyes
I am the eternal seer
I am the oversoul
I am the One behind the many
I am the One behind the all.

Imagine the whole universe a conscious entity that is fully aware of itself, just as you are aware of your-self. That entity is looking out though all these eyes that are me and you. That is just what it does.

Now, the fact that you feel there is a definite separate ‘you’, keeps you separate and therefore, in delusion.

When in fact, all there is, is a single awareness experiencing itself in infinite modalities.

When ‘i’ disappear, mind disappears, and reality remains bare, luminous and perfect.


dance with me, death

dance with me, death, I have no fear
of your cold embrace
a brief encounter in the boundlessness of time,
we’re well acquainted, let us be chums. 😃

Ahhh, death. The last unspoken taboo. When the fear of death goes away, all fears melt away.

“Question: Why do we feel fear death, and why do we become attached to life?

Answer: The desire to live is a very powerful desire. All human beings want to live; they are attached to sensual life. It is obvious that the adhesion, the attachment, the desire of material existence, has fascinated us. Thus, in these conditions, we do not want to die whatsoever, therefore we are afraid of death, we do not want to cease existing.

If, on the basis of comprehension, people would lose their desire for material life, then the fear of death would disappear. One loses such fear when one comprehends the illusory nature of existence, when one recognizes that nothing is this world is permanent. Ideas, things, and persons always pass away.”

I apologize, as I don’t remember where this comes from, but found it was rather good, so kept it. For sure some Hindu master. 😊

Must be Monday morning…


happy birthday, buddha

silent buddha, rooted in your stillness,
your mind-like empty, cloudless skies
no thought can enter 
yet the whole world abides.

Today is the Buddha’s birthday, and also the day he left his body, on his 80th birthday.

Which shows his incredible sense of discipline😃

A little poem today for this great man, who laid the path to our liberation from all suffering. … except tooth aches.

May we all reside in boundless buddha mind.🙏



my life lays marks for me follow
and has grandiose designs
but I fall behind
distracted by the butterflies!

There is a way to be serious about things in life, and yet always maintain a humorous and light-hearted attitude.

I realized that, no matter what domain, or discipline, whenever people start taking themselves too seriously, it doesn’t feel quite right.

Us, humans, face many things that are very painful and grave.
But that’s when we need to apply some detachment. In the end, we all die. In the end, there is no death. Our ‘seriousness’ will not save the problem.
However, a light-hearted attitude can make the solving of the problem easier… and maybe even more efficient. 🙏


undying and unbound

we cry
unsuspecting of our grandeur
we crawl
unaware we can fly
we suffer
ignorant of our power,
forgetting we are undying and unbound.

The Buddha said that all suffering is due to man’s ignorance of his true nature. In our largest self, we are eternal consciousness, unlimited and undying. Not knowing this leaves us victims of a life that appears to work against us.



all man’s glorious stories
written in ghost ink,
dreaming of leaving his footprints
on the warp of time.
but would he know,
he has been here before?
before time was even born?

Our true existence is timeless and limitless, present only Now, without past or future, beginning or end.
An enlightened person always lives in that space only, and has no concept of past time.

The human mind has difficulties apprehending such concepts, and creates false borders in which it can operate.
We were not created or destroyed. ‘Creation’ doesn’t need a beginning or an end. That is a mind concept.

We are That that knows no birth nor death.



thoughts are lighter than air, yet their hold on us
is stronger than steel chains.

Mind was never meant to be used as people use it: non-stop chattering, worrying, thinking about future, past, this or that.

Mind is an instrument, you apply it when you need to complete a task, and then you put it away. Resting in the abiding silence beyond thought, into what the Buddhists call “emptiness”, what the Hindus call “self” … The eternal Now, pure awareness.

So rest in your true, eternal nature. It only exists in the now.🌷