i am god

we are floating foam
on a sea of silent consciousness-
our origin, our home.


R: Be still and know that I am God.
SL: Robert for me it seems like there’s something very scary about that whole prospect or feeling and thinking that I am God.

R: No, I am is your ego you’re referring to. Your personal individual I am, is not God. But I-Am is God. See the difference? You are not God the way you appear to be, but your real Self is God. So when you say, “I am God,” you are not referring to yourself as a body. You’re speaking to the real you, which you can’t see as you. Do you see? (From Robert Adams – The collected works)
INFERENCE – I am God, not in a grand, royal way, but whatever is real in me is God.
It’s as much as a pot saying, “I am clay,”
an earring saying, “I am gold,”
a chair saying,”I am wood,”
an oceanic wave saying, “I am water.”

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