dream divine

don’t grieve, my child
for you were never born
and death cannot take you.
your body
does not contain you.
your mind
cannot define you.
you are the source of all.
within you, both space and time arise.
you are the eternal now—
the source of all existence.
you are the dream divine.

There is a Zen koan that says: “Show me your original face before you were born.” The notion underneath this koan is to ask us to stretch – in a way that allows us to access our True, Real and Authentic Self – the self we are/were before we were born. In this process, we transcend our “database” of thoughts, concepts, beliefs, etc., and move to a place of no-mind – where we can experience Reality as it truly is, experience our self as we truly are. Our true face before we were born is actually who we were (and still are!) before we were shaped and crafted by our “life experience.”

In the process of reflecting on the koan, we can begin to see how we’ve become addicted to “my reality,” – my beliefs, assumptions, theories, perceptions, perspectives, etc. Deep reflection can also support us to flow in a space of no-mind, an “original space” of mental quietude, unencumbered and not jerked around by our thoughts and thought patterns.

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