cast into world affairs

cast into world affairs
I don’t remember wishing to go there!
to play the game of birth and death
trapped in all that strife and fight
without escape in sight!

Nicholas Roerich, Drops of Life

To the novice, reincarnation can appear pointless—endless cycles of life and death—a trap from which it is impossible to escape. From this standpoint life appears as a burden rather than an opportunity for liberation.

2 thoughts on “cast into world affairs

    1. haha! yes, good point. would laying in your most adored lover’s arms be boring? but you got it, being awakened and not awakened are alternating states, like yin and yang, as we can only experience one in relation to another.
      from this view, death becomes the most important event in life, as it allows for new birth, no?😊

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