one being

it hides behind all looking eyes
one seeingness
it lays behind all listening ears
one hearingness.
not the senses
not the thinking
child of light!
this world exists because you Are.
pure Beingness.

Samuel Farrand art

We get it all wrong, because we look at it the wrong way.
We feel that we are a body (with an intelligence and an awareness localized inside the body… somewhere) moving through the world and life. This is a dualistic thinking, and the root of all our problems.

A little meditation practice will reveal that we are not a body with an intelligence and an awareness. We are in fact awareness (or being) itself. Not a person who is aware, but that Awareness. (People who have had near-death experiences will often be in this ‘pure awareness’ state for some time). When our body will die, the awareness that allowed you to know you exists, will remain intact. Awareness can never change, or grow, or diminish in any way. It is One and same for all. The body is a mere tool that allows you to interact with the world.

So, the true perspective is that you, that space where all life arises, have always been, and will always be. How else would you know that anything is?

Awareness is ALL there is. The material universe also exists because awareness allows it. And the same with all possible experiences (including birth and death) which can only be known because you are there first. Sort of like the white canvas on which a painting can take shape. Without you, there is nothing.

Now, why do you look here or there? Are you not that very Looking?

8 thoughts on “one being

  1. Quote: “Awareness can never change, or grow, or diminish in any way. It is One and same for all.” I do question that statement. Awareness is not the same for all. There is the sleeping majority that has little or no awareness and when they die, they will be simply returned to square one, unaware they even had a past life. They will be born, they will go through their life, good or bad or indifferent. Some will rely on faith in God for a place to go to – they’ll have no idea how that is supposed to work, nor what will take place in their “mansion”. Others will believe that death is absolute and total. Some will think that they will return to cells, or atoms, scattered throughout the physical world. Only the few with real awareness will have prepared themselves for their next level of engagement, whether in the same world, the universe, the Nexus, or open-ended quest in an infinite cosmos.

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    1. that’s the common misconception. that awareness is something you ‘have’. it is not something you know. the truth is, it is what you are. in fact, the whole universe is aware of itself. and there are many documented cases where people step out of their body/mind and feel themselves to be pure awareness, without the need for the body.

      the issues is, awareness is dormant in most people. which means, they still think they are a body/mind. when one awakens, like the buddha did, he remains conscious of his true nature during all states of being (during ordinary daily life, when he dreams and when he’s in deep sleep). once that realization comes, there is no more doubt about death or birth. he know he will always be, as awareness can never cease existing.

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      1. Regarding “awareness” obviously we use the term differently. As an ESL’er myself, I take English words primarily at face value. To be aware of something is to know that that something exists. There are other words used, like consciousness and beingness. Your use of awareness is my use of beingness. Very few are in fact, aware. They exist, sure, but have no clue as to why. There’s the rub: an aware being has a set purpose; knows why s/he is and defines her life by her chosen purpose. I might allow that awareness exists as potential within spirit-dead people, but until they activate it, they are not aware. I live my life for and by compassion. I am aware that compassion exists as potential within every Earthian but the fact is, the creatures are anything but compassionate, therefore having compassion as potential is of no value to them, in fact it is actually a curse. They have this great gift, this force, from Pandora’s box but choose instead to make use of other “gifts” from the box that are destroying the species and its world (If no fundamental change is quickly forthcoming). As to the other points made, well, I’ve had a near-death experience, many out-of-body experiences. I’ve done astral travel, seen strange worlds and beings, traveled through time, up to a thousand years into earth’s future. I’m aware in detail of past lives and some future lives. I have been taught by Teachers not of this universe (a 20 year course done with thought-forms and imaging) and I know beyond any doubt that I exist outside of space/time; an infinite and eternal being. I know that I am constantly changing myself through imaging, observing, analyzing, judging the value of things and appropriateness of my thoughts. I know I will always be “me” outside of the “ONENESS” soup. I will never again be enslaved and swallowed up into the collective.

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  2. Good to know about Buddha’s way. Too bad his modern day followers have totally forgotten that part of it, just like Christians today retain no clue of what the real teachings of the gospels were all about, hm?

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