elephant mourning

elephant mourning
feel death with your trunk
colossal with gentle caress
strokes over the dry skull
one of your kind
with awareness of death.
could it be the same distress
that burns in my own chest?

Last night I watched a documentary about animals and grief. When an elephant dies, the group gathers around the dead body and the members take turns touching, smelling and caressing the dead body. It was immensely touching to see the emotion displayed by these enormous creatures. Many species have been observed to mourn for and ritualize their dead. Animals, just like humans, go through a mourning process. Why would they not?

The same consciousness that manifests in humans, manifests in all creation in an infinite variety. It is just the form that is different. All life has the same value. All life comes from the same essence. All life has the same will to survive and to thrive.

Make a point of seeing a part of yourself in everything, and soon you’ll embrace the whole creation as your own body. Because it truly is. The fantasy is that you are separate.

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