One theory of everything

The mystery is actually rather simple. Everything happens within awareness, or semantics, consciousness. Matter is then like a dream, seemingly real but not independently real. Not really independent from consciousness. Consider that everything you experience, from the softest inner whisper, to the hard rock falling on your toe, that all of these are simulated by your brain for you to experience. Even though they may seem different levels of real, different levels of manifestation, they are all just presented by the brain (or consciousness). Consciousness doesn’t happen within the body, but rather the body happens within consciousness (or awareness). Matter happens within awareness. 

Fully awakened is never true for anyone, firstly because fully is an absolute term for a relative being. Words have that effect to distinguish, here between full and empty. In truth, everything in existence is both full and empty at the same time. Words can not automatically acknowledge that non-dual understanding of reality. We can be relatively more fully awakened or more empty. But everything that comes will go. Only our true nature never comes and will never go. We are already full and complete, when sleeping and when awakened. But every being will always oscillate between fully awakened and sleeping. It is the nature of being. Wouldn’t be fun otherwise. The notion that someone would be finished developing for all eternity is a distortion that is easily suffered from our overly focused plane of reality. 

Jesus’ death and resurrection symbolizes that we ALL will transcend death. We are deathlessness itself, we are Brahman, nonseparate from anything in existence.

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