Grief and heart openings

Today, I’m going to share something rather personal. Recently, my mother lost her twin sister, to whom she was extremely close. It was an unexpected death, and therefore even more devastating. I tried to console her the best I could, as my vision of death is not so final, but for her, that made little difference. My mother is a scientist, and has little inclination towards the ‘spiritual’. Understandably, she only believes in what she sees. She struggled with grief for several months.

Recently, she said to me: “You know, even though everything here reminds me of her, I feel a deep peace in my heart”.

Soul, or consciousness, blossoms like a flower, in its own time. Such ‘openings’ occur without us having to do anything. Some may call them ‘graces’.

We cannot rush spiritual awakening any more than we can rush the blooming of a flower or a fruit. It’s a natural process. We can speed up the ripening of a fruit with artificial hormones, but something would still be lost on the way, and the final product would just not have the necessary maturity to uphold itself.

So the spiritual process requires patience, nurturing and wisdom. Undoubtedly, we all go towards the unfolding of our highest potentiality: unconditional love and peace.

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