why search in temples and churches?

don’t go searching
in temples and churches!
spirit doesn’t only dwell in there.
why look to a monk in robes?
spirit flows freely everywhere
in every action, in every motion,
it weaves the fabric of creation.
look, see, embrace it!
it is our source, our destination.

Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan

The whole of creation is imbued with spirit. Why be restricted to one place of worship to lend your heart in devotion? We can train our vision to see spirit everywhere, at all times, and live constantly in its splendor.

7 thoughts on “why search in temples and churches?

  1. I use to say this to my mom growing up. She would always say I wasn’t a good catholic, cuz I didn’t go to church. And I would tell her that church can be anywhere, not just a building with a bunch of crosses and incense burning. She was right about me not being a good catholic, but I’ve always considered this entire planet our place of worship and something to be worshipped as well. Thanks Monica!

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