bird in flight

to feel eternity
in a moment’s delight
catching the wing beat
of a bird in flight.

The world is obsessed with doing, with always keeping busy. We feel that the only way to give meaning to our lives, is by achieving goals or accomplishing something outside ourselves. Steve Jobs, one of the most accomplished men of our times, in his last days, questioned the significance of his worldly achievements. There is nothing wrong with following our dreams and accomplishing goals. However, if we depend on these for real, lasting fulfillment, eventually we will find that they don’t satisfy us. We are already complete. We are already perfect. ‘I AM’ is the highest expression of your being. It needs nothing. All else you do, is mere accessory on an already perfect reality.

So take the time to do nothing. Take time to linger, to be lazy and to listen to silence. These are the moments when the heart speaks to us. These are the moments when we discover our true selves, and find ourselves complete.

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