Spirituality and things

Many people are turned off by the concept of spirituality; images of witches, voodoo practices or weird worshiping come to mind. Some ‘otherworldly’ activities and beliefs. Well, what exactly is “spirituality”? The great Ramana Maharshi explained the whole thing very simply “Consciousness alone exists. In its unmanifest form, it is experienced as pure beingness (awareness). In its manifest form, it is the appearance in consciousness of the universe.” So “spirituality” is nothing else than consciousness becoming aware of itself. Going back to the roots of what we truly are.

Because everything we experience, including the world and even our own thoughts, occur within consciousness, it remains hidden and unseen. Very much like a canvas serves only as a background to bring out the paint and forms of the painting, but it is empty by itself. Until we direct our attention inwards, back to the source of consciousness, we remain unaware, and confuse our true being with superficial layers.

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