Karma and Samskara

Karma and samskara, two important concepts on the path of self-knowledge.

Very simply, karma refers to the results of your actions. If you hurt someone, you too will suffer in some way.

Samskara are “impressions” left by past actions. For example, a child growing up without the love of parents, could spend all his life looking for validation/love from people around. His confidence is low, and his need for reassurance is high. All his actions are based on getting people’s approval. Samskara are usually results of trauma. They work from the unconscious and they can influence our actions and decisions, if they are not revealed and dealt with. It’s easy to see how they can rule and direct our whole life.

We all have some samskara to deal with. Until they are healed, our lenses are not clear, and our vision of reality will be tainted and skewed.

You can see how, if we are unaware of such “hurts” and do not solve them, we continue to act on samskara. How we react to the world, how we interact with it, could be shaped by this persistent impression.

Everything that happens, we can only judge through the lenses of what we know, and what we have experienced. Anaïs Nin said perfectly “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

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