The language of ‘spirituality’

Spirituality has a language of its own. And its alphabet is silence and complete stillness in body and mind. It is not a ‘not speaking’, or a ‘non-doing’. It is a total state of inner peaceful being.

Often people assume that they should automatically understand spiritual concepts. But to the mind that has been working unceasingly for lifetime after lifetime (and let’s face it, most minds are like that), ‘not thinking’ is as foreign as a foreign language. How could one possibly not think? Well… in deep sleep there is no thinking. What happens then?

So, just as we go to a teacher to learn a foreign language or math or any other subject, why do we assume we don’t need a teacher for spiritual development? The true spiritual teacher, or guru, will not show you ‘where’ to look, he will show you ‘how’ to look in order to see what is already there.

But without learning the alphabet, we are like babies who want to understand a thesis paper without learning to read first. It is impossible.

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