each morning is a new reminder

each morning is a new reminder
that within
lies the sole designer.
clean and empty we start like babes.
why carry again
yesterday’s remains?

Let go, let go, let go of anger, grudges, bad memories, antagonism and resentments. They belong to the past, and the past is dust. Let go also of expectations, beliefs, anticipations , desires or cravings. They belong to the future, and the future has not arrived yet. They do not benefit us in any way. They occupy space in our minds and prevent us from living fully right now.

What do you find hardest to let go of?

6 thoughts on “each morning is a new reminder

  1. The herd and habits. I sold everything I own and took the family to homestead in the panama jungle for four years. All of my friends and coworkers would say they are so jealous, they wished they were me, or I was living their dream. But they remain living in the system they despise and change nothing.

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