my boundaries melting

my boundaries melting
in effulgent glow
no longer the body I know
a new heart opens above
cosmic waves of generous love.

Our skin marks the boundaries of our physical body. But our full existence extends much further than that. As the heart opens, we find an ocean of love waiting for us.
Ajahn Chah said ” If you haven’t wept deeply, you haven’t begun to meditate”. This poem came out of such a space, where tears came flowing down, enveloped by an unmistakable cosmic love. Such moments (for me) are rare, therefore precious.

There is no doubt, the universe is built on love.😊

3 thoughts on “my boundaries melting

  1. If love is the first premise of the universe, it is far from obvious. We all eventually find our groove, but it is fleeting and hard to come in any permanence. Love is more likely a byproduct of survival.


    1. there is a love that springs from knowing the ultimate truth, that knows your eternal nature. it wants nothing and has no expectations because it is already more than fulfilled. this is not a ‘sentimental’ love, it is the purest emotion that can embrace all unconditionally, beyond good or bad. it sees no discrimination and it cannot change because it belongs to no one. when such love looks you in the eyes, it will melt the individual completely. a realized being has the ability to transmit such love to the student, and it is truly transformational.

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