Love is gravity?

I felt this, one day in August of 2017, while walking outside, I had a spontaneous insight that the whole universe is held together by a love-like ‘intent’. How else could everything move in such cyclical precision? The planetary motions, the seasons, women’s period (just joking!)

In physics, the fundamental forces generally have their dualistic poles: electricity has positive and negative charge; magnetism has a north pole and a south pole.  This leads to attractive and repulsive phenomena.  
But gravity is unusual in this respect- there is no negative repulsive gravity. It only works on attraction- bringing things together.  This is similar to love. Love brings people together.
Like the astronomical forces that created the planets from a disk of dust and debris, love brings together the individual elements that can, together, lead to something gloriously bigger.  

Gravity is at the core of a harmonious universe. It is not dumb randomness. It is awesomely intelligent. It is fully aware of itself.

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