That imaginary ‘me’

Nobody likes to be told “there is no ‘you’. The ego revolts right away. “What do you mean there is no me? Here I am reading this, and I’ve done this and that, and suffered through this, and have accomplished all that”.

Such are the layers we have created around an imaginary ‘me’ and spend our lives protecting it. And it continues to create conflicts and bring suffering, because the universe is made to wake you up from the delusion of ‘me’. Look at how life happens by itself, universes are born, trees grow, events occur, hearts beat, do they need a ‘me’ for these to happen? No. Life happens no matter what we think.

When a guru takes on a student, he has to break through all these layers, completely break down the imaginary walls we have build around our true self. The guru breaks all ideas until the space where life occurs remains empty and pristine. Where awareness can shine unencumbered. No, awareness cannot shine when ‘me’ is there.

Letting go of ‘me’ is the scariest thing for a spiritual seeker. We have carried it around for many lives, and the mind is comfortable with it. What if I disappear? If I evaporate in thin space? What will remain?

Indeed, what if ‘you’ become everything?

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