This is a dream

This is a dream.
It is only a dream.
What you think as real, the material world, even your body, is actually a dream.
What you truly are is pure awareness. That which is aware of all things occurring.
Everything that happens is arising out of that awareness. It is what you have ever thought of, consciously or unconsciously.
You are not an ‘individual’ living a life, you are Life dreaming you are the individual.

That is the cosmic dream, the great cosmic joke.

Events in life are all passing, like clouds across an empty sky. Your true nature, awareness, is like the eternal sky behind the clouds. It is the only thing that is real, unchanging and undying.
It is the seed of all there is.
Awaken to the fullness of being.

“Buddha looked inside,
When the rest of the world was looking outside.
People asked ‘Who created the earth?’
Buddha asked ‘Who am I?’ What am I doing here?’

Where do you look?

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