Full meaning

We can never ‘see’ the meaning of our full lives from the limited point of view of a human being. That would be like taking one, single day and wanting to understand the meaning of the entire year.

So, when we are distressed, or when tragedy hits, it’s a good time to remember that there is always a much higher purpose than we able to see at that point.

The same applies to world events. In no way am I advocating suffering or pain, but when a tragedy happens on earth, how could we possibly see the full, long-term outcomes? We just cannot. Only ‘god’ has full knowledge of reasons and roles of each act in this great drama called life.

The wise, spiritual person has to accept the vision that, ultimately, the interplay of good and bad, will lead to a perfect creation, which is the only outcome.

Alan Watts’ memorable “The Story of the Chinese Farmer” expresses this more beautifully than any words can. 2 min animation, I promise you, it’s worth the time.😊

4 thoughts on “Full meaning

    1. what i like about this is that it shows how mind changes and becomes attached to one view, good or not good, when in fact, reality is always beyond either. zen always points back to how mind functions in relation to the world, and makes us ponder that relationship. very different than our typical western mentality, no?

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      1. Come give me your two cents on my blog today. I’m doing a little project and taking it seriously. Thanks for your input. It is interesting to me the types of blogs I’m am gravitating towards.

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