chained in dreams

chained in dreams of love and pain
and multiplicity of names,
deceiving Maya
stop your deluding game!
I want to see my one true face.

The concept of Maya, or illusion, is at the heart of many spiritual traditions. The idea that this life, the material plane, is not the ultimate reality. Everything here changes constantly, and we cannot hold on to anything. Life is as ephemeral as the dreams we dream at night.

Who is dreaming all this? What is aware of the change?

“Human beings actually have no more independence or autonomy in living their lives than do the characters in a dream. Neither do they have anything to do with the creation of the dream or anything in it. 
They are simply being lived along with everything else in this living dream of the manifested universe. The entire dream is unreal. Only the dreamer is real, and that is Consciousness itself.” -Ramesh Balsekar

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