who are you?

who are we, beneath this skin?
shadows of a self unseen
untouched by time
unbound by space
a longing for return to bliss
and childlike sight
days spent in soul’s kiss
and wondrous delight.

Meša pencil sketches

One of the main causes for our suffering is false identification; identification with something we call a ‘me’. That is what we call ego.

The question of “who am I” is, undoubtedly, the most important question we can ask ourselves.

“Ego” has no reality whatsoever. If we look deep enough, we find all identification we make with something called “me” is either opinions of others, superficial roles we play in society, memories that have no consistency to them, our own likes, dislikes that change all the time, past events that are non-existent, or feelings that could be anything at all.

“Me” is a mental concept, completely empty. There is nothing “hard” there to hang on to. When we realize this, we cannot get triggered, offended or hurt. What is there to offend, if nothing is there?

What do you most identify with? Take a moment and think about it. A good hint is what is it that triggers or offends you most? If you were not that anymore, would you still exist? Would anything remain?

Today, I challenge you to imagine there is no “me”. Think “There is no one here”.
Be like a strainer where water flows right through, and see what happens? The universe starts flowing through, because a great mental blockage is removed. 

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