roots of our thoughts

to find the roots of our thoughts
is to find the source of our world
and regain the power
to manifest and transform.

Reality: fixed or malleable?

Nothing in this world is fixed. We see the world as hard forms, but even science has discovered that at the smallest level, everything vibrates. The brain itself is not a ‘fixed’ organ. By neuroplasticity, we can rewire our brain nerves to act differently than the usual way.
A man whose arm was cup off, can teach his brain to feel in his artificial arm.

With his Special Theory of Relativity (1905) Einstein banished from the universe every fixed reality expect that of light.

Through perfect meditation, one can merge his consciousness with cosmic essence as light, and becomes free from the three dimensions of space, and time.

The world is a flexible, changeable reality, our exterior reflection of our own state of consciousness.

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