alchemists at life

forged in earth, water and fire
the elements of our attire,
we pierce unceasingly inside,
unfooled by matter or demise,
alchemists of life,
to uncover the golden core
and transmute our ignoble nature
into auric abode.

Life is a consciousness expanding experience. It’s not survival, paying bills and satisfying our base senses.

It is a blossoming into what we are meant to become: divinity itself. It is realizing our existence beyond our physical body and thoughts, and nurturing the sacred, innate connection that we have with the whole universe.

We are continually transforming our nature into something finer. We need to dig down through layers of untruths to find the golden core—our purest being.

Life is bringing spirit into matter. We are all Alchemists of Life. 🌷

6 thoughts on “alchemists at life

  1. We seem to be on similar paths in our efforts to express what’s going on in our inner lives. Your insight here in this post is right on the mark and the concept of “life bringing spirit into matter,” is a very important aspect of coming to terms with the nature of consciousness. Back in February of 2015, I wrote a post called, “In the Beginning,” which shares a similar viewpoint:


    I’m especially enjoying your poetry and appreciate your thoughtful attention to mine….John H.

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