divine birth

we come into the world
as babes protected by the womb
surrounded by angelic light,
nourished and bound by mystic cords
and sustained with adoration
by heavenly delight. 
and so we proceed upon creation
to break away and proclaim our separation
and deny our sacred birth
walk the earth with hollow eyes,
blind, and void of mirth,
authors of our own demise.

Sigur Ros

According to Plato’s Myth of Er, the soul forgets his true origin after drinking from the waters of the River of Forgetfulness (River Lethe) before it embodies again on earth.

Many spiritual traditions have some version of this ‘forgetting’, thus making our life on earth a journey back to remembrance.

What happens when we remember who/what we are? We are fully awakened from the dream of life and death.

May we all remember 🙏

…now, where in hell did i put those car keys??

3 thoughts on “divine birth

  1. I love your stream of thoughts ……some even call this forgetfulness spiritual amnesia which is essential for the Ascension of our soul …… splendid .
    Btw did you find those keys😜

    Liked by 1 person

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