creator and created

I am the cosmic play
Creator and created
Dancer and its dance, 
Shiva and his Shakti
caught in frenzied Lila
the land as my bride
grounding me
my lover, the sky,
embracing me
my many faces, entertain
and maintain a swirling trance.

According to Hindu philosophy, the entire universe is created on two fundamental forces: consciousness (Shiva) and Shakti (energy). Shiva is the formless, Shakti is the formed, Shiva is changelessness, Shakti is change.

Consciousness and energy, forever intertwined in the dance that makes our world appear and eternal life exist.

As human beings, we have the capacity to expand our individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness, and realize that we are both the creators of life, and the creation itself.

3 thoughts on “creator and created

  1. This is so insightful ….. .. we also see Shiva and Shakti as what Chinese call yin and yang……..a Divine masculine and a Divine feminine and together they become whole……. I love your work Monica โค๏ธ

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