dance with me, death

dance with me, death, I have no fear
of your cold embrace
a brief encounter in the boundlessness of time,
we’re well acquainted, let us be chums. πŸ˜ƒ

Ahhh, death. The last unspoken taboo. When the fear of death goes away, all fears melt away.

“Question: Why do we feel fear death, and why do we become attached to life?

Answer: The desire to live is a very powerful desire. All human beings want to live; they are attached to sensual life. It is obvious that the adhesion, the attachment, the desire of material existence, has fascinated us. Thus, in these conditions, we do not want to die whatsoever, therefore we are afraid of death, we do not want to cease existing.

If, on the basis of comprehension, people would lose their desire for material life, then the fear of death would disappear. One loses such fear when one comprehends the illusory nature of existence, when one recognizes that nothing is this world is permanent. Ideas, things, and persons always pass away.”

I apologize, as I don’t remember where this comes from, but found it was rather good, so kept it. For sure some Hindu master. 😊

Must be Monday morning…

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