thoughts are lighter than air, yet their hold on us
is stronger than steel chains.

Mind was never meant to be used as people use it: non-stop chattering, worrying, thinking about future, past, this or that.

Mind is an instrument, you apply it when you need to complete a task, and then you put it away. Resting in the abiding silence beyond thought, into what the Buddhists call “emptiness”, what the Hindus call “self” … The eternal Now, pure awareness.

So rest in your true, eternal nature. It only exists in the now.🌷

5 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. I so much resonate with this! Elsewhere ( ) we’ve exchanged comments on millenials. Your insights above on chatter would suggest to me that, if you are a millenial yourself, you’re certainly not typical! My observation is that chatter, constant chatter, is characteristic of most millenials. I’d welcome your insight as to what this is the case?

    Presumably they, unlike you, have not had or taken the life’s experiences that has enabled you to rise above the chatter?

    Which comes back to the point in my original post (link above): do all millenials have the evolutionary potential, in their current life, to rise above the chatter? Or are some of you older souls to begin with? Would you say, that compared to other millenials, your inner Zen Master had already blessed you with a comparably empty mind?


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