Nature of consciousness

Many people assume consciousness is thought itself.

Consciousness is a ‘vehicle’ for thought, but it is before thought. We experience it directly only when mind is free of thought.

It cannot be described, because it is free of any qualities. So it takes whatever quality we give it.

Consciousness is not matter or energy (which is also matter). It is the most subtle ‘quality’ of creation.

Consciousness is like a ladder that goes from the grossest manifestation (our material world) to its purest form (no manifestation at all- pure awareness).

On this ladder, ordinary, daily mental consciousness is pretty low. That’s why bosses don’t just disappear when employees wish it in their minds!

6 thoughts on “Nature of consciousness

  1. I liked the different flavors used to expand on the topic and maintaining the depth of your content with a tangy twist of humor. Indeed it is neither matter nor energy but a thought in itself. Apt and enjoyable read.


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