removing veils

removing veils, one by one
making pathways
to return home.

You are the center of existence. If you continue to feel that the world or life exists ‘outside’ you, there is no hope of awakening. This is not some arrogant, selfish theory. This is experiential truth to be realized, not understood by mind.

The illusion that there is a ‘me’ and a world outside, is what keeps us sleeping. No such thing as this and that. There is only one.

Train yourself to stay in that space of oneness all the time.


yield and surrender

veils are rising
I can see through the mist
loosening my grip
over life’s order.
I am no longer life’s commander.
I yield and surrender
to a gentler flow.
there is no more fear
the way ahead is clear.

Being ‘subservient’ is not the same as ‘surrendering’. The wave cannot be ‘subservient’ to the ocean, because it was never separate from the ocean. By surrendering, it gains all the power of the ocean. It is based on loving devotion, not fear and separation.

So really, it is only the mental attitude you bring along. One will make you slave, the other will make you king.



sleeper, awaken!
your dream is dissolving,
a new face evolving
to cosmic life you now belong
the One reality is now your song.

Do you see how most art, music, movies, books are aimed at a small and limited self: a victim?

I no longer listen to Adele’s wallowing love songs, or watch movies about people that are depended on others for happiness, or identifying with their country, or their race or some other limiting label. The whole media endorses a mentality of dependency and limitation.

We are creators of reality. We are unlimited potential. Isn’t it time we act out of our true nature?


improving the ‘self’?

my hidden self, a nameless Amazon
frightful and uncharted
calls an alluring song
to share its hidden gemstones.

Whatever can be changed about you, is not the Real you.
That is the issue with self-improvement philosophy. It’s dealing with mere ‘mascara’.
The real you is perfect and whole. It needs no improvement. Realize it and rest there.


elephant mourning

elephant mourning
feel death with your trunk
colossal with gentle caress
strokes over the dry skull
one of your kind
with awareness of death.
could it be the same distress
that burns in my own chest?

Last night I watched a documentary about animals and grief. When an elephant dies, the group gathers around the dead body and the members take turns touching, smelling and caressing the dead body. It was immensely touching to see the emotion displayed by these enormous creatures. Many species have been observed to mourn for and ritualize their dead. Animals, just like humans, go through a mourning process. Why would they not?

The same consciousness that manifests in humans, manifests in all creation in an infinite variety. It is just the form that is different. All life has the same value. All life comes from the same essence. All life has the same will to survive and to thrive.

Make a point of seeing a part of yourself in everything, and soon you’ll embrace the whole creation as your own body. Because it truly is. The fantasy is that you are separate.


silent watcher

watching moving pictures
of my fleeting life
“I knew this face once”!
that person gone
and many other masks I wore
with both shame and pride.
now far removed from all the show
a silent watcher
free and unconcerned.

Meditation creates a distance between our thoughts and our true self. Our life starts to appear like a movie that we are watching, rather than participating in. How many such movies have we watched? How many different faces have we worn?


Give mind the lead?

Here in the west, we have placed the mind on the pedestal over all other functions. We feel that an intelligent mind must be constantly busy with thoughts, analyzing and weighing facts. It is in this way, after all, that we come to understand the greatest mysteries of our existence!

Not at all. In the east, the practice of meditation goes back thousands of years, and the aim is to quiet the mind, to slow down the endless chatter or nagging questions that keeps the mind spinning around like a dog chasing its own tail. “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master” said Robin Sharma. The practiced meditator knows well that we only find such answers by going within, not without, and by going beyond the mind, not by thinking.

Mind should be seen as a tool that serves us, not the other way around. When we are used by it, it becomes like a wild horse that takes us hither and yon. And ultimately, we lose our true connection to life and to being.