human ‘tour de force’

we don’t truly belong
we only color the world
on a canvass of emptiness
with the music of our laughter,
the pain of our tears,
aspirations and high hopes.
a dance of passing shadows yet
our human ‘tour de force’.

pic by agnes cecille

Such is the paradox of life: we are the creators, and at the same time, we are merely passing by. This helps us understand why the world sometimes does not feel like our original home. We are gatherers of experiences, and after we learn our lessons, we move on…


wake up!

there is no one outside
to blame or to fight
the world is within you
each person, each event
a facet of your self
that yet remains to be embraced.
go deeper than the surface
recognize the voice that whispers
“Wake up! Wake up!”

“Spirituality” begins when we realize our thoughts manifest.

The boundaries between ‘outside’ / ‘inside’ start to melt.

We are not just moving bodies, we are the manifesting reality.

No god is needed. No belief is needed. 
Only awareness is needed.


soft and flexible

the willow bends with the wind
I yield to life’s sway 
and never break.

“Man, when living, is soft and tender; when dead, he is hard and tough. All animals and plants when living are tender and delicate; when dead they become withered and dry.

Therefore it is said: the hard and tough are parts of death; the soft and tender are parts of life.”~Lao Tzu

“The mind of an enlightened human being is flexible and adaptable. 
The mind of the ignorant person is conditioned and fixed.”~Ajahn Sumedho

Don’t be hard, like death. Stay soft, and flexible in mind and spirit🥀


alchemists at life

forged in earth, water and fire
the elements of our attire,
we pierce unceasingly inside,
unfooled by matter or demise,
alchemists of life,
to uncover the golden core
and transmute our ignoble nature
into auric abode.

Life is a consciousness expanding experience. It’s not survival, paying bills and satisfying our base senses.

It is a blossoming into what we are meant to become: divinity itself. It is realizing our existence beyond our physical body and thoughts, and nurturing the sacred, innate connection that we have with the whole universe.

We are continually transforming our nature into something finer. We need to dig down through layers of untruths to find the golden core—our purest being.

Life is bringing spirit into matter. We are all Alchemists of Life. 🌷


divine birth

we come into the world
as babes protected by the womb
surrounded by angelic light,
nourished and bound by mystic cords
and sustained with adoration
by heavenly delight. 
and so we proceed upon creation
to break away and proclaim our separation
and deny our sacred birth
walk the earth with hollow eyes,
blind, and void of mirth,
authors of our own demise.

Sigur Ros

According to Plato’s Myth of Er, the soul forgets his true origin after drinking from the waters of the River of Forgetfulness (River Lethe) before it embodies again on earth.

Many spiritual traditions have some version of this ‘forgetting’, thus making our life on earth a journey back to remembrance.

What happens when we remember who/what we are? We are fully awakened from the dream of life and death.

May we all remember 🙏

…now, where in hell did i put those car keys??



on the heights of laughter
we build bridges between heaven and earth.

Laughter is the most copious expression of existence.

You can discuss and debate, but when all is done, you just want to tilt your head back and have a good laugh!

In the end, it is all a game. Here you are thinking you’re stuck between birth and death, and have something to accomplish, not realizing you are the WHOLE existence and there’s nowhere to go, and nothing to do.

On the heights of laughter, we forget about ourselves. On the heights of laughter, we are in the moment. On the heights of laughter, we bring heaven down.

So laugh.


creator and created

I am the cosmic play
Creator and created
Dancer and its dance, 
Shiva and his Shakti
caught in frenzied Lila
the land as my bride
grounding me
my lover, the sky,
embracing me
my many faces, entertain
and maintain a swirling trance.

According to Hindu philosophy, the entire universe is created on two fundamental forces: consciousness (Shiva) and Shakti (energy). Shiva is the formless, Shakti is the formed, Shiva is changelessness, Shakti is change.

Consciousness and energy, forever intertwined in the dance that makes our world appear and eternal life exist.

As human beings, we have the capacity to expand our individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness, and realize that we are both the creators of life, and the creation itself.


no expectation

the lyre bird sings his song
and asks nothing in return.
man completes each occupation
expecting much ovation.

We have much to learn from nature! It offers its beauty generously, yet asks for nothing in return. We too can accomplish our worldly duties without expectations.

An act performed with full-hearted effort can be its own reward.


heart at peace

to the heart at peace
life returns with many gifts
but it stays fulfilled
in the emptiness of things.

Much gratitude to Paul Militaru, who let me use his magnificent photos.

Peace is full acceptance of things as they are right now. There are endless desires in the world, but when we are satisfied in the present moment, we already have all there is to have.